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Skin Care

by Rachel on 07 November, 2014

Always remember that skin care is an important issue in the care of the elderly. First, frequent showers are important to keep skin clean. A very good bed bath with warm soapy water will suffice if necessary. 

Next, make sure you dry the skin. Don't be rough when drying and don't forget in between toes or crevices. Protect skin with a barrier product like Vaseline (which is cheap) or Desitin like product.

This should be used with every incontinent episode after cleaning. Incontinent care should be provided at least every two hours and when needed. Think about simple measures to prevent pressure on bony areas like: frequent repositioning, sheepskin, heel padding, mattress covers. Medicare will pay some of these products! Look for redness and pay extra attention to those areas. If skin does start open up get the person in to their doctor or call Your Family Home Care to help stop the problem with our IN HOME NURSE PRACTITIONERS!


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