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This months blog post comes from the Public Outreach Department of the Mesothelioma Center ( 

Supporting someone with cancer is no simple task. It requires resilience, patience and compassion, but the benefits and rewards felt by the cancer patient and their loved ones are worth every ounce of effort. 

Caregiver Burnout

by on 01 January, 2015

Great segment on Caregiver burnout.  Let Your Family Home Care be your solution.  


Don't forget the feet

by on 30 December, 2014

They are easy to forget even in our twenties, but we must pay extra special attention to the feet as we age. As our circulation decreases we are at risk for open areas. Clean feet properly every day, then dry thoroughly, dry in between toes, and then lotion the feet. Make sure shoes are fitting well.

Hoyer Lifts

by on 09 November, 2014

Hoyer Lifts: These can be a scary device to use in the home and you need experienced staff to make it a safe plan. Call Your Family Home Care at 860-875-3030 or 203-539-6169 for an in home aide that is experienced with hoyer lifts today!

Incontinence Tips

by on 07 November, 2014

If your loved one is struggling with incontinence or "accidents" there are things you can do. First, make sure they are offered the toilet at least every 2 hours. Sometimes a toileting schedule can help with

Skin Care

by on 07 November, 2014

Always remember that skin care is an important issue in the care of the elderly. First, frequent showers are important to keep skin clean. A very good bed bath with warm soapy water will suffice if necessary. 

Caring for a loved one

by on 21 August, 2014

Taking care of a loved one can be tough, and caring for their home even harder. Don't wait until the last minute to keep up the house. Pick a room and get things cleared out, donate unwanted belongings, update paint and flooring.